Illinois Solar

  • Ensure implementation of the Adjustable Block Program around vendor requirements, consumer protection, standard contracts and marketing materials.
  • Drive improvements in the 2019 renewable procurement plan and push for interconnection reform.
  • Develop and advocate for proposals for post-NEM compensation structures.
  • Ensure successful implementation of the Solar For All program, including a workforce development component
  • Monitor and steer University of Illinois researchers’ work on PV recycling toward information gathering and level setting.
  • Engage in legislative issues, including nuclear bailout fundingVistra coal bailout proposal, rate design and other proposals from ComEd, and improvements to and extension of the RPS.

Recent Policy Highlights

Working with ISEA and member companies, SEIA introduced the “Path to 100” HB2966/SB 1781, which increases the RPS from 25% by 2025 to 40% by 2030 and increases REC procurement from 10 million by 2020 to 45 million by 2030 with 50/50 split from solar and wind.

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